Getting to the top of Google in the organic search result page (SERP) is every online marketer’s dream. After all, if your website is found on page one of popular search engines like Google, it will mean getting more visitors to your website and subsequently greater business opportunities for you.

While getting to the top of search engines is not rocket science,  you do need patience to deal with the tedium of establishing an online reputation for your website. To do that, it is important to establish niches related to your website.

As an analogy, think about a real-life example: A CD store decides to promote itself. Instead of simply advertising the titles of the CDs available, which every CD store can do, it can rise above the competition by offering things their competitors don’t. What can they do?

Some years ago, a CD store cleverly advertises in the classified ad section of a local newspaper. The content of the ad reads like a review of CDs they have on offer each week. In fact, so compelling a read was their ad that it had a steady readership of their classified ad column. In the ad too, they invited everyone to go down to their shop to sample the CDs they sell, have a coffee or simply take in the ambience or chat with other browsers and customers. It became of a club of sorts and that firmly established their business in a cut-throat business environment. The selling point wasn’t the price CDs (their CDs were actually more expensive than others).  It was the entire environment they built surround their core business. They have built niches around people’s need to share, to relax, to read or simply to enjoy good music.

Similarly, these days mega bookshops are anything but a bookshop. They have integrated niches within their bookshops: A bistro where people can eat and drink, a music shop where people to try out every conceivable title they carry and books, of course. People can lounge about and read any of their magazines and books. This is not a new concept but it works. People hang around longer, meet their friends there for meals, and hang around even longer. All these translate into more sales for them.

So, what can you do to rank your website on page one of search engines?

Take for example an online florist’s website. To optimize the website for search engines, it is not simply to get as much backlinks as possible to the website. While getting backlinks are important, the quantity is not. Also many SEO companies tries to better this situation by getting high PR (PageRank) links for their clients’ websites. While such methods work to some extent, they will have to constantly build backlinks to the websites. In the long run, these websites will be superceded by other websites with more high PR links. Can you imagine your search engine optimization strategy gravitating into an never-ending pursuit of getting backlinks? Quantity doesn’t equal quality.

The right way of SEO  for better rankings is to establish authority for your website. To do that, you will have to take a leaf from the lesson learned in the above two offline, brick-and-mortar businesses. They are successful not because they advertised the most. Instead, they have cleverly built niches around their core business. These niches may or may not have anything directly connected with the things they are selling. However, the niches they have built are either related or complementary to their business.

In the case of the online florist, we will also have to build niches surrounding the website. Take a look at the chart below:

top of google

As you can see, we can build related niches around the online florist’s website with topics like wedding, corporate gifts or flower delivery. With this method, not only do we not need to build massive amount of backlinks to your website, we are helping your website build valuable reputation in the long run.

At SEOCOLOGY, we champion the use of Reverse Reputation Management to improve the ranking of websites in search engines. Not only do we help our clients rank their websites, we build an online reputation for their website, and consequently their brand. To learn about our revolutionary SEO concepts and how we can help you, please read more about the SEOCOLOGY methodology here: