When we first mooted the idea of using reputation management for SEO, not many people could understand us. After all, Internet marketers use SEO methods to do online reputation management, not the other way around. Once we have explained ourselves, however, our approach becomes readily embraced by our customers as it makes so much sense for them.

So, what is SEOCOLOGY?

Seocology, in a sentence is: “Reputation Management SEO“. That’s our tagline and our approach. It does not preclude the usual SEO techniques of getting websites ranked higher in search engines. But instead of applying SEO techniques solely on the website that is to be ranked, such techniques are used to create external authority sites on related subject matters around the keywords that you want to rank for. In turn, these authority sites are linked back to your website, thereby creating a kind of “endorsement” for your website. So, the approach is to establish an entire reputation ecosystem for the purpose of search engine optimization (SEO). It includes the research and implementation of current and future search engine optimization techniques that will help propel a website to better search rankings for any given keywords.

The Seocology Approach to SEO

The Seocology Approach to SEO

Seocology’s approach to SEO is unique. We are focused primarily in promoting the reputation of websites through ethical and effective methods so that websites can rank well for the keywords they’re targeting. We all know that the Internet is organic. Search engines, which existence we have taken for granted, are crucial in indexing and organizing the mishmash of billions of websites and information so that we can readily find what we are searching for. Without search engines, we could hardly find anything on the Internet unless someone tells us by word of mouth where to look for it. But, how do search engines decide what information is most relevant to what we are looking for? To understand how search engines work, we could perhaps liken them to the human brain. The human brain works marvelously. It remembers things not just by rote, but also through experience and associations. The association areas in the neo cortex of the brain are essential to cognitive understanding. So, when we see a man with his fists clenched and raised, with an angry face and heading for us, we run! On the other hand, if we see a man with his palms outstretched, smiling and heading towards us, we recognize that as a gesture of warmth, affection and hospitality and we respond in kind.

Similarly, search engines associate keywords with websites that they “think” are most relevant. So, how do the search engines, the “brains” of the Internet, respond when they “see” your website? Do they associate the keywords in their database with your website? For search engines to do that, your website should possess a “reputation” of having the most relevance for the keywords searched for. If you could convince the search engines of that, then your website should rank well for those specific keywords.

The Seocology Process

In order to build a reputation around specific keywords for your website, we have to go beyond normal link building. Instead, we are interested in the quality, nature and origin of the backlinks to your website. We will build a reputation for your website much in the same way a brand owner builds brand equity. We will build an online reputation for your website so that the keywords that you are targeting for become associated with it. For example, we have come to associate “Xerox” with photocopying,  although “Xerox” is a lot more than that. Seocology does something similar, but in the reverse. Seocology will build a “reputation” for your website, so that the very keywords you are targeting becomes synonymous with your website or URL. When that association is established, your website will rank better for the targeted keywords on the search engines.

Getting the search engines to do that is not a short-term endeavor. Your website must build up a reputation for that association with the keywords you want to rank for. Seocology will help your website benefit through our proven process of reputation building, ethically and organically. And we can help make that online reputation stick and thereby rank your website high up on the results page of search engines.

For more information on how Seocology can help you, please feel free to contact us any time.