When we take on a project, we need to ascertain that your website is able to hold its own in terms of the quality of its content. Then, we will do an evaluation on your website and the associated keywords that you want to rank for. Among the things we do at this stage are:

a.      Your website’s build quality

b.      Your site structure

c.      Web server technical evaluation

d.      Existing ranking in search engines

e.      Keyword competition

f.       Keyword research

Next, we will create a sitemap of your website and automate the sitemap creation and submission process so as to ensure that all the pages of your website are properly indexed by the search engines. We will request for your cooperation in making the needed adjustments to your website, based on our initial evaluation and feedback. By ensuring that adequate on-site SEO is done, will go a long way in helping your website rank better in the long run.

Whereupon the completion of the on-site optimization process, we will begin to promote your website online. Depending on the competitiveness and popularity of the keywords you require to rank for, we will optimize your website by doing a combination of any of the following as necessary:

a.       Writing relevant and unique articles and post them to reputable articles directories

b.       Implementing and managing an effective link baiting strategy

c.       Building links gradually from authority sites back to your website

d.       Creating and populating relevant expert content in web communities

e.       Creating a reputable online footprint to your website through third party reviews

f.        Participating in relevant online forums and blogs to bring traffic to your website

g.       Leveraging on the power of social media networks to direct traffic to your website

h.       Creating a whole SEO ecosystem for the keywords that you want to rank for

i.        Using our proprietary SEO techniques to propel your website to the top of the search engines

j.        Write and disseminate press releases for your business

SEOCOLOGY is proven to work. We have helped many businesses rank high up on the results pages of search engines, generating lots of leads and prospects for our customers.


At the beginning of a project, we will provide you with a report of your website’s performance based on the keywords you are targeting. During the optimization period, we will provide you with a monthly report of how your keywords are performing. Once we have achieved the desired result, we will continue to provide you with a monthly report of your keywords’ performance.