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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the methods and techniques employed by Internet marketers to help improve the ranking of websites for any given keywords in search engines. The reason why people employ SEO on their websites is obvious. When a website ranks well on search engines, it will bring traffic and consequently, more business. Additionally, successful SEO will help save website owners lots of money that they would otherwise have to spend on advertising. Besides, websites which show up on the search engine results pages (SERPs) tend to be clicked on more than a sponsored ad on the same page of the search engine. This is because of the perceived ‘editorial’ and authoritative value and weight that a website is given if it shows up on the first page of the SERP.

Why SEO?

SEO is an essential component of your overall marketing strategy.  What’s the point if you have spent thousands of dollars on a website that no one knows about? Your website is your face to the world, 24/7, and it should therefore be readily found. Increasingly, people are searching for products and services online and unless your website is readily found, you will lose out on additional business opportunities. Unlike pay-per-click (PPC)ads, where you have to pay whenever your ad is clicked on, websites that rank well on SERPs do not have to pay anything. For popular generic keywords, SEO makes perfect sense for website owners as PPC ads can be extremely expensive to run. An effective SEO strategy does not have to cost an arm or a leg. We have been able to help our clients reach the top of Google from as little as $10 a day. Conversely, if you are to advertise your website usual PPC advertisements, it can cost up to a few hundred dollars a day for popular search terms. So, doing SEO for your website is really a no brainer.

A Brief History of SEO

The early days of SEO are dogged by spammers who took advantage of the weak algorithms employed by search engines. Once-popular search engines like Altavista (popular because it also features a minimalist interface like Google) quickly became victims of spams because the indexing algorithm relied a lot on META tags. As a result, an unscrupulous spammer will flood the index with useless robot-generated pages for keywords that has nothing to do with the website in question.  The flipside was that it was easy to index your site and if the keyword you’re targeting has not been targeted by spammers, you stand a very good chance of getting your website index on the first pages of Altavista.  Fast forward a few years and along came Google and it quickly became popular for its ease of use and accurate return of search results. Naturally, spammers or black hatters are never too far behind and thus began a game of cat and mouse where Google keeps changing (and hopefully improving) its algorithms to prevent black hatters from dominating its index, which would diminish its usefulness.

On the other hand, honest Internet marketers (or otherwise commonly known as SEO consultants, SEO experts…) made lots of studies on how to rank their websites well on Google. Because Google will never reveal how its algorithm works (for obvious reasons), Internet marketers are left to explore how Google works by experimenting and gathering whatever snippets of information from known Google executives to understand how it all works. Overtime, going by Google’s philosophy of only ranking websites with good reputation well, Internet marketers developed an array of methods of building external links to websites, so has to improve the reputation of the website and thus its ranking as well.